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Coney Weston, Istanbul And back? Yeah!

Artist Cycling for Work, Peace and the Pursuit of Free Energy
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Artist's Statement
Gasthorpe Church Ruin plan

Below is the text of the leaflet pictured above, distributed by hand on bike...

NPP : Ned Pamphilon Productions : Summer 2008

English artist home after 10 years in Istanbul
(ex Barningham, Ixworth & Thurston schools)

Artist Cycling for Work, Peace and the Pursuit of Free Energy

1903: banker JP Morgan responded to scientist Nikola Tesla:
"Great technology, but where do I put the meter?”

“Since being home, the media is full of global warming, green taxes, rising petrol prices, doom and gloom. Yet our countryside looks vibrant and beautiful. So, I bought a fuel free ready-to-go second hand bike to induce the release of happy making endorphins, promote my painting exhibition and generate NPP business.”

Ned is available for work, commissions and collaboration

Tel: 07092 85 83 62
....or meet at The Swan, our Coney Weston local, celebrating 100 years.

Exhibition 14-20 July at Coney Weston Village Hall
Gel, gel ne olursan ol yine gel!
Come, come, however you are, whoever you are, just come!

“The most obstinately provocative artist I know!”
Brian Sewell, art critic The London Evening Standard

“He’s the painting wizard.”
Eloise Willcox, aged 4

For NPP CV and to watch an introduction to Ned:
Learning Turkish project You Tube teaser film
Go to (later changed to
part of the NPP Blog

The leaflet was kindly printed by Joolz at ODT

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The longer version of...

NPP : Ned Pamphilon Productions : Summer 2008

Artist Cycling for Work, Peace and the Pursuit of Free Energy

I am an English artist just returned from 10 years based in Istanbul, Turkiye where I chased a rainbow and smiled with Ataturk. You know Turkey as Turkey. I refer to it as often as possible as Turkiye which is the Turkish way and sounds like Turk-i-yeah. My years there are chronicled at The story so far

The Turkish authorities currently do not seem conducive to working with an artist known for painting secular Ataturk and the rather nationalistic vein currently running through the mainstream prefers Turks to promote Turkey rather than foreigners. The final straw came when the Ciragan Kempinski Hotel denied me an exhibition this year because I am not Turkish. This is the same venue where I previously exhibited and donated painting sales revenue toward a leukaemia foundation. I decided I may as well return home to initiate activities. I my energies chasing my Rainbow Bridge peace project for several years and had to conclude enough was enough. The first step back home is to explore all options to generate income.

In the UK the green and lush countryside is so inviting that I have scant desire to drive a car, especially with petrol reaching in excess of £5 per gallon. I decided to look for a bicycle. I found new bikes costing between £350-£750. However, I was fortunate to meet Jessie at Mick’s Cycles in Bury St. Edmunds. She happened to mention how she had celebrated her 64th birthday on holiday in Turkiye; she had even experienced her first earthquake there, spending 3 nights sleeping out in the open. She also just happened to have one good ready-to-go second-hand mountain bike out back. £35. Result. As and when leaflets are printed, Barningham, Bardwell, Market Weston, Hopton, Garboldisham, Gasthorpe, Rushford and I come.

I confess to often being angry; angry about many things – the mere mention of carbon tax credits gets my goat. But, as my psychologist trained brother once said, anger is a negative reaction, so I’m encouraged to get on my bike since cycling can induce the release of endorphins; neurotransmitters produced in the brain that reduce pain and generate contentment and happiness. After 10 years in the city, cycling in the countryside is a most attractive proposition and for journeys further afield, there is public transport. A local coach service is provided by and so far the coach drivers have been friendly and approachable, although one did fail to read my ticket properly and I accidentally went from Bury to Diss instead of returning to Coney Weston; she took me back and sorted it out though. The drivers talk to me, say hello and farewell as passengers come and go. While sat on the 338 service one can look out, gaze upon this green and pleasant land and ponder life: to quote US comedian Bill Hicks:
“…all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration; that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death, life is only a dream and we’re the imagination of ourselves.”

At the time of writing, I have a collection of over 100 paintings in a container on board a ship sailing from Istanbul to Felixstowe. Until I can organise an exhibition and put my saleable assets in the proverbial shop window, I require income generation so I visited the Bury St. Edmunds Job Centre. There I encountered mind boggling touch-pad computers and 281 jobs none of which seemed applicable to me. However, a uniformed lady attendant was very helpful and supplied information for me to contact a careers adviser, so let's call this an interesting experience; it certainly allows me to experience being 'unemployed' in the UK. I am also exploring an alternative transport option and to paraphrase the immortal words of Norman Tebbit, have decided to 'get on my bike' for the summer months to seek work while at the same time promote a current passion; the pursuit of free energy from the quantum vacuum zero point energy field…
….it is alleged that in 1903, in reaction to the energy experiments of scientist Nikola Tesla, international financier and banker JP Morgan said: "Great technology, but where do I put the meter?” Tesla’s funding was subsequently withdrawn.

A further note on the subject of free energy and a local reference, when asked about the 1980 UFO case at nearby Rendlesham Forest, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher replied to author Gorgina Bruni:
"UFOs! You must get your facts right and you can't tell the people".

May 2008 and the Suffolk-Norfolk countryside is looking glorious; a refreshing change from city life. My immediate family has been based locally since 1967. My grandfather Ned Pamphilon was carpenter and foreman at Riddlesworth Hall as was his father before him, so I have local roots aplenty in which to immerse myself.

I have a bike and willing to work, but what kind of work? I can, of course, paint and although not formally trained, could in theory give painting lessons. Certainly, I am experienced at painting with children and students in schools and universities and indeed, with the general public in public. Painting with school children would be welcome, but who is going to pay for the materials and my time? I suspect there might be bureaucracy to deal with, but the idea is at least sown in my mind. I could cook simple meals, perhaps enough for an elderly or busy person to freeze several dinners for future weeks; perhaps write letters for people who are perhaps not so adept at writing letters; make phone calls for those not so confident doing so; help persons organise and tidy up; provide company and conversation for those feeling a tad lonely, bored or immobile; stand in some one's garden wearing twigs and leaves and pretend to be a tree. Indeed, I might consider anything for a fair price, enough to pay my way until the next exhibition when I will display paintings for what the locals will consider considerable prices. Hence, if you are reading this and you have a proposal for collaboration, contact me on 07092 85 83 62 and I can determine if it is worthwhile, quote a price and we can then agree either yes or no. I’ve purchased an O2 phone service which is not always strong in this part of the Suffolk-Norfolk border, but you can always leave a message.

While on the subject of advertising myself and my requirements, I also seek an IT expert to manage an online business selling NPP artwork, images and stories. You can see what is currently available at the NPP Shop…

I am currently planning to exhibit at the local village hall. Why an unconventional venue bereft of professional gallery lighting or a picture hanging system? Because I cannot secure a local gallery immediately and even if I did, they will want a % commission. I have easels arriving in the container so a hanging system is not essential and the existing hall lighting, if not exactly Tate Modern standard, will enable visitors to see the paintings. The village hall will be a platform to introduce myself to the local market place. I can organise a press release to e-mail to local media outlets and have leaflets printed to distribute by hand on bike; and create further endorphin release. My paintings will be too expensive for most visitors, but I’ll sell affordable posters and cards and the exhibition will be free to enter. The village is hardly bursting with entertainment every weekend; generally 'we' like peace and quiet, but the occasional event is welcome.

So, getting on my bike is an interesting prospect and all kinds of interesting opportunities may turn up. Oh yes, and I also have an on-going Learning Turkish project, so if by any chance there is a Turkish speaker in the vicinity, I would welcome some Turkish conversation. BenimleTurkce konus, lutfen! (Dear Turks, my current keyboard has no Turkish letter characters)

My current passion is to promote awareness of free energy. Although we humans may be fouling our environment, I am aware of no evidence for human carbon footprint inducing global warming. The planetary systems manage that situation regardless of my methane emissions. I suspect Al Gore’s global warming film has more to do with fear mongering and business making than truth and fact. Indeed, Blood and Gore, the David and Al duo, are have money making interests in the global warming carbon footprint business…
Al Gore even received a $1 million prize for his environmental work; business is business!

I suspect the weather and our environment change naturally as time goes by, influenced by the sun and planetary elements as it always has been; though the HAARP Project may also be a factor...
Few of you will be familiar with concepts such as HAARP, which is why artists can be useful creatures to bring such issues to your attention. For example, is this chap a complete loon or is there something in what he says?...
Fulford vs HAARP

I suspect free energy is already available to mankind, but those who know the secret are not sharing it with the rest of us which is most annoying. I recommend you listen to ex-Defence Minister for Canada, Mr. Paul Hellyer via the internet links…

The free energy subject also encompasses Ley lines; English churches are built on and around such energy lines. Perhaps once upon a time we tapped into this esoteric knowledge of energy lines and portals and utilised it for everyone’s benefit. Let’s do it again! After all, I've heard the military use it for navigation, though I doubt they’ll be very upfront about it. I recommended you research such information on the internet before authorities sensor it in the name of ‘national security’. Join me in voicing public demand for free energy research and lobby your MP. Imagine not having to maintain a 9-5 working lifestyle; imagine free heating, free energy for cooking and transport. Today these are 'round world' ideas for a 'flat earth' mind set.

As I write a barrel of oil has reached $135 and sources suggest it will continue to rise. BBC Radio 4 is now presenting political ideas regarding global warming related tax credit; whatever that is. I am rebelling with my bicycle in peaceful protest against such nonsense. I watch BBC’s Question Time and listen to Any Questions to be aware of the banal level of political debate in this country. I suggest you’ll get as much and perhaps even more common sense from the likes of Allan Russo, David Wilcock, The Camelot Project, Jim Marrs, Bob Bowman, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. G. Edward Griffin and numerous other voices to be found on the internet and in print. Seize the day while you can, because not only might oil rise to $200 per barrel come the end of the year, the authorities may start censoring the internet and information to the questions I’m asking may struggle to find an outlet.

Many are so fed up with the negative news and inadequate society leadership and yearn for new political movements to be established. The Common Sense Party might be an apt name for such a movement. Have you heard of Ron Paul? Google him! You might like what you see and hear. How I yearn for the common sense of a Ron Paul or a Brian Sewell.

If I am misguided in my suspicions, so be it, but let’s not stop asking questions or be in fear of asking questions. I urge you all to write to the local MP Richard Spring and ask him to raise the matter of free energy in parliament…

I’d also welcome discussing renewing the ruin of Gasthorpe Church; why Knettishall Heath is now an ungainly car park; raise greater awareness of the Rainbow Bridge peace project for the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul; the work and ideas of author Philip Pullman who was born in 1946 in Norwich; my beloved Arsenal FC and football in general.

If you want to discuss issues with me whether matters of employment, collaboration or philosophical, The Swan in Coney Weston can be my temporary office - celebrating its 100 year anniversary on the 05 July; our local public house and landlord require support; not increased taxes on a pint of beer; let’s appreciate our community assets.

Surely, it must at least be interesting to welcome a search for truth whether historical, archaeological, scientific, health interests, food production or time and space ad infinitum. We should ask questions, encourage our children to ask questions and always choose love over fear. I have a bike, an appetite to work, an interest in the betterment of all our lives and at the very least this exercise should promote entrepreneurship, positive and peaceful action and support local issues; such as Mick’s Cycles, The Swan, the origins of the penny whistle and our beautiful countryside while exercising my mind and body and perhaps even yours too.

There will be an exhibition as soon as a venue is secured. Watch this NPP Blog for a time and place. You can follow my story at...
My Diary Back In Blighty 01

Saturday, 19 July 2008

My diary back in Blighty 07

Continued from My diary back in Blighty 06

Saturday 19 July 2008 - I visited the flower festival. Mary standing inside the porch of Coney Weston Church...

Inside left...Look up and there's the NPP painting Flower Crazy produced at Mayadrom Sports Centre, Istanbul...
Walk back...

Back at the village hall, Rev. Messer and Kieran...

The scientist in blue shirt left side frame who looked at NPP 'alternative' News File and knew who Nikola Tesla was...

Dried venison courtesy Andy...

I'll finish this off later.

Sunday 20 July 2008 - Final day of exhibition. John Howe collects a foto-blok image WEMW: Istanbul London? Yeah!
Roy visited with his family. Here's his son with Albert Munroe...
John arrives to handle the camera and take footage...
2-4pm Rev. Messer supervised a charity car wash. A Union Jack was placed outside the village to alert people to location and activity...
Old Ray, Johnny, Michael and June...
Paul and the girls...
The sky over the village hall that evening...

Recommended sticker for the rear of vehicles: If you can see're driving too close.

Conclusions from the village hall experience - I've been to Samuel Ward Art & Technology College where I met the head of the art department; been to HMP Highpoint with a view to painting with prisoners in September; generated local media coverage; met Joolz who has offered to produce a working commercial website; opened the doors to the local public who appeared to enjoy my work. For sure, when some one sees the work and the exhibition, it is better than just a spoken pitch.

As for the Job Centre, oh dear, what a depressing experience. They have been offering me bar work and admin jobs. I asked about, for example, architecture work, since I have a BA (Hons) Arch, I was eventually told the Job Centre doesn't receive local architecture vacancies. I have followed all the interviews and options offered. At an interview for help with starting your business, I was informed one has to be unemployed for 18 months (1 and 1/2 years) before one is eligible for business start up financial assistance. To be unemployed in this area is an alarming experience unless you make your own contacts and create your own opportunities.

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Friday, 11 July 2008

My diary back in Blighty 06

Continued from My diary back in Blighty 05

Friday 11 July 2008 - Saw Roy again at the bus stop. He was hoping to buy a CD in Bury: Best of Hawkwind. He has every other Hawkwind album, but there's one tack on the Best of he doesn't have. Here's the notice board with my exhibition poster at Bury St. Edmunds bus station...

The leaflet response thus far has been negligible. The media response to my knowledge limited...
Art is full of Turkish delights
Village hall show marks artist's return
Artist's Turkish delight

For latest media coverage go to NPP Media Coverage...

Saturday 12 July 2008 - Coney Weston Village Hall BBQ and Peter, John and Peter on BBQ duty. I put a few paintings on display inside the hall on the stage.

Monday 14 July 2008 - The exhibition opening day arrives along with with something magical from the ether as one approaches Marilynstein and...
....turn right at Albert Munroe and enter...

Today, I had visits from Peggy, Vera, Reg, David, Richard & Anita, Genista & Kay, Nick, Becky, Josh, Eloise & Mark and the first sale was a T-shirt!
Tuesday 15 July 2008 - Conducted a 15-20 min live telephone call with
BBC Radio Suffolk Luke Deal Afternoon Show.
A man turned up with another article from Saturday, East Anglican Daily Times, see

Witold Kasicki came to the exhibition about midday. Others included Bridie...
....Daisy, Donna and 3 kids called Kieran, Emily and Josh in his Fly Emirates Arsenal Walcott shirt...
Wednesday 16 July 2008 - Things you do in the garden: grow basil; it's slow but sure...
My first Turk visitor Feral and with Andrea. Funnily enough, Andrea is a fellow birth baby from the now defunct Upney Hospital, Barking!
Also today welcomed a second Turk called Halil, a couple from Norwich, Ann, John, Angela, Russel and family, Christine and John and one or two others I cannot immediately name or recall; oh, and Colin cutting the grass on his tractor-lawn mower! Wish I'd snapped him. Rearranged some of the paintings for tomorrow...
Thursday 17 July 2008 - Witold visited again, this time with Maxine and stand here by It's Hot in Bodrum...
Will and daughter from Thetford...
Thursday 17 July 2008 - John, Sarah and Connie visited plus Bob and Av below...

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